The Inside: Reunited

Michael Carli and Jeff Weinstock rejoined Roger
and Michael N. July 11 for a very fun show at the
Grant and Green in San Francisco.

Here are some photos...

Song of the Week:Source for Love
Source for Love.mp3

Silium's Hill MP3

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Chris Jamele's review of the inside's debut CD 
appearing in Manifesto Magazine.


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New Events and Developments
January 9, 2002: The Inside is back.  We will perform at Curve in San Francisco on February 15th.

September  4, 2001: The Inside welcomes Jeff Weinstock on Keyboards!

April 28, 2001: The Inside will be appearing live at Abernathy's in Walnut Creek on May 19th.  Prepare for the Bay to Breakers in the proper way; live rock and roll.  We are going to play a lot of new material.  This is not a show to miss!

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New for 2001: The Inside kicks off the new year in the studio and on the stage.  A refreshed band regroups with compelling new material.  Stay tuned fto the website for details concerning live appearances.

September 2000: George Sakellariou begins scoring the music for Digital Purgatory with guest musical cameos from other members of the Inside.

February 2000: The Inside records a reworked version of Daniel Lanois' Silium's Hill intended for a Daniel Lanois tribute CD.

October 1999: Music from the inside's debut CD will be featured on two radio shows: Progressive Music on Radio U 101.9 FM San Jose, Costa Rica & La Villa Strangiato on CHUO 89.1 FM Ottawa, Ontario.

January 15, 1999: the inside releases its much anticipated compact disc.   The CD was produced and engineered by Mark Lemaire with Roger Martinez and Michael Nathan.  We, at the inside, are very happy and excited to make this music available to you and feel it was worth the wait.  Samples are available. 

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Take the Guided Real
    Audio Preview

July 20: The band biography has been updated.  The Manifesto Magazine review of the Inside's debut CD has also been added.

April 19: Free Full length MP3 files are arriving.  Download Source for Love today!

February 16, 1999: all of the real audio portions of the website have been updated to Real Audio G2.  Unfortunately, they are not backwardly compatible.  So, be sure to update to the new Real Audio G2 player available here

In addition to the clips from the CD, there is a live song Mephistophelera available on the live pictures page that you can listen to as you peruse the photographs.  It was recorded with one microphone through a camcorder.

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